Wedding and Engagement photography

and what does “because kisses matter” mean anyway

Weddings are iconic…..
*and your kids will never believe you hot you were

I named this company around the most important parts of those moments. Yes, we take pictures of wedding dresses and flowers and table arrangements,


what we remember, and share years from now, are our friends and family . Their faces,expressions,laughter, and tears from that day.

Your wedding pictures will outlast you, and your grandchildren will have pictures of you on their wall in their own homes, not your shoes, not your mason jars, you and your spouse. We want to let them know you authentically, without posing, your true personality

Ciao Raggazi!

My name is Daniel McGarrity, I’m the principal for Because Kisses Matter Wedding and Engagement Photography

I’ve been photographing weddings for 12 years and that adds up to almost 650 weddings, give or take a few. I’ve photographed weddings at all times of the day, every month of the year, 9 different states, on both coasts, and 4 different countries- US, France, Italy, and Ireland. 

I have been thrilled to help clients remember and share memories of their wedding, and I am honored to have been in place to capture iconic images that help define families and start stories for the next hundred years.

I am here to chat with you about your wedding day, all those day of memories and people you want to share with, and helping guide the photography in a way that the pictures are authentic representations of you.
Whether you are silly, romantic, or you cry at the drop of the hat. (of course I know you got that trait from your mother) I want to hear all about it. The contact form is right here, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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you can phone too, 301.758.9512

We require a phone number to verify that we are being contacted by actual people seeking a wedding photographer. We make initial contact via email AND text, then we can chat.